CAPSCARE Academy for Health Care Education



This course was developed for those student nurses who have attempted the NCLEX three times in Florida and have failed to pass the NCLEX exam. The course consists of 80 hours of theory and 96 hours of clinicals. our goal is to help you pass the NCLEX and understand where strengths and weaknesses may lay. The clinical rotation is directly related to your in-class or on-line courses. Begin today and pass the NCLEX!

The Florida Board of Nursing has since expanded the Remedial Course for Nurses who have let their license lapse. In certain situations out of practice nurses may apply to regain their license upon successful completion of the Remedial Class. Please check with the Florida Board of Nursing for your  status, you may be eligible for endorsement.

Out of State Nurses wishing to license through the Florida Board may also be eligible for Endorsement.



Clinical time is mandatory for all Remedial students (acute care facility, rehab, or combination of health care facilities.) If participant decides to take on the responsibility of finding clinicals on his or her own the cost of the clinicals will be waived. Each state determines the number of clinical hours necessary for reactivation of your license. CLINICAL PAPERWORK MUST BE PROVIDED TWO WEEKS BEFORE CLINICAL START DATE THESE INCLUDE:PHYSICAL,HEP B SERIES,MMR, TB SCREENING AND FDLE BACKGROUND CHECK. 

Clinical time is gauranteed for all CAPSCARE students if they are willing to rotate in Palm beach County. Out of state nurses are welcome with no extra fee!