CAPSCARE Academy for Health Care Education


About Us

In 1994 the creators of CAPSCARE came together to create a unit that would offer nurses of various backgrounds methods in order to attain continuing education. Over the past decade this desire to fill a need has grown into a variety of certification programs, diploma programs and college course offerings towards a degree in Nursing. Embedded in the desire to serve the community, CAPSCARE strives to serve with excellence and a caring but diligent attitude. Proudly licensed by the Commission for Independent Education a division of the Florida Board of Education and the Florida Board of Nursing as well as a National Accreditation with the National Health Career Association. Each year the school strives to develop new partnerships with facility's and hospitals inside and outside of Palm Beach County Florida.

Florida Commision for Independant Education License Number 2277

Florida Board of Nursing Licesnce Number 50-286-1